Monday, 27 June 2016

Third year of uni, here I come!

I'm not able to spend too much time blogging today as I am still stuck in a field of mud in a little village in Somerset (I'll be posting on that in a few days when (if!) I make it home, but I just wanted to make this celebratory post to announce that I received a letter today informing me that I had done well enough in my second year to 'progress to the third year of study'!

I have passed my second year with a very high 2:1 - I had a 2:1 in every module and was only a couple of marks off a first overall and I am so very happy with that - in truth I'm just relieved to have passed at all!

So well done me, and if I survive my last day of Glastonbury, then I'll be able to start looking forward to my third year, and working on prep for my dissertation!

Peace xx

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