Saturday, 23 July 2016

Happy days are here again!

We have just come home from a really lovely five day break at Butlins, Minehead.  Mum, Nelly and I have holidayed every year since Nelly was four years old, and it has become one of her 'happy places'.  We didn't go last year - Nelly was seventeen and (mum and I thought) a bit too old for Butlins, so instead we had a nice break away in Devon.  However it became apparent that Nelly was sad not to have had her Butlins holiday, so we decided we would have one last break there this year so we could all say a proper goodbye. 

Well, instead, we all decided we would continue to visit Butlins every year, as we had missed it terribly and had a really lovely time!

Our apartment was lovely, our meals out were lovely, the entertainment was great and Nelly took part in all the activities she could find!  We all did family archery and target shooting, Nelly and I went swimming and roller-skating (the less said about that experience, the better, as far as I'm concerned!) and we all enjoyed the shows, including the panto, the silent cinema (watching Big Hero 6) and the wrestling.  Not too sure I will ever get over seeing my mum shouting 'BREAK HIS ARM' as she punched the air!!!

As always the redcoats were lovely and looked after us all really well.  What a lovely time.