Legacy of Love

Weathered by life and so close to the end, yet we had no idea then.

Behind the wrinkled skin her eyes wonder at the new life

held tightly in her arms, with a soft expression of love.

He stands beside her, hands in his pockets with a careless stance.

But he can’t hide the love in his half smile.

Baby, safe and comfortable in those practised arms, gazes up contentedly,

Sensing the love from her aging protectors.

The baby is now grown, has flown the nest,

They too flew this nest, so soon after this frozen moment.

How could we have known that his heart,

so filled with love and pride, was letting him down.

The heartbreak was too much for her after a lifetime together.

She gave up her body and mind to old age and sadness,

letting it take her, little by little, as she disappeared before our eyes,

forgetting names, forgetting how to live,

though she always knew that we were hers.

We may have only photographs and memories.

But our legacy is the love which pictures cannot hide. 

(c) Claire Alison 2017

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