Four Seasons


What beauty there is in the winters eve.
Walking at a pace, I fight the cold steel of night,
listening without effort to the tin drum of my footsteps echoing in the sharpness of winter.
My breath envelopes me as I walk, and the dryness of my skin stings against the cold air.
I am guided.  Guided by the brightest glow of the moon, as she lights my surroundings,
with a Christmassy twinkle that warms in spite of the tingling chill.
The buildings, like knife blades, offer up their reflections to that Goddess of the night,
Standing to attention, soldiers upholding the honour bestowed upon them,
to serve and protect.  And I am indeed protected.


Oh, Mother Nature, how well you teach us about the cycle of life,
with all the new beginnings of your springtime,
with all the hope and optimism and purpose of your springtime,
there to remind us that the dark winter will always pass.
Let us soak in the beauty of the vivid colours as they lift their faces to the glorious skies,
reflecting life, ephemeral, yet eternal.
New life is everywhere, stumbling and gambolling with dizzy excitement,
Let the smell of the rich earth and new life seep into our souls and awaken us to your glory.
Oh, blessed Mother Nature, how well you teach us.


Laugh and run and shout.
Feel the joy of summer all about.
Raise your face to the golden warmth and glow,
as happiness is sprinkled on the world below.
Summer is here.
Listen all around to the joy she brings,
Like the radiant butterfly, as she spreads her delicate wings.
Look about and note the world as it slows,
Bask in the glory as her love flows.
Summer is here.


It is nearly time to bed down for your cosy sleep,
so snuggle under my beautiful autumnal blanket.
I will sweep through your streets and blow away the old, ready for new beginnings. 
Farmers, take your harvests from the ground so that I can wash the fields.
Let me tidy away the mess of summer; the sand and grass
that has rested in the carpet of the world.
I will hang the thick grey curtains at your window, to keep you from waking,
and turn the lights out early so that you are well rested.
I will decorate your world with deep colours so that you know it’s time for bed
And hide away the bright toys of summertime,
the blues of the ocean and the golden hues of light.
I will set you down for your long sleep, until you are ready for the newest of days.

(c) Claire Alison 2017

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