Friday, 12 August 2016

Shooting stars!

Wow, wow, wow!!!

Last night, Nelly and I blew up a paddling pool and filled it with blankets and cushions so that we could spend a night out under the stars.  Local news reports said there would be an amazing meteor storm, called the Perseid Shower, and it would be at its best over night last night.

I still cannot believe how fantastic it was!  We were literally seeing three or four amazing shooting stars every minute.  It was the most incredible thing I have ever seen and I am quite old!  Apparently every year the earth revolves into the tail path of a comet, and so we see the effects of that in the form of a meteor shower.  However, this year Jupiter's gravity pulled the debris from the comet directly into our path, creating this spectacular show which Nelly and I (and little Archie who slept with us) were able to enjoy.  And I know that sleeping in a paddling pool under the stars might not sound like the smartest idea but actually we were surprisingly warm and comfortable all night and we didn't wake until about 9 this morning, so I thoroughly recommend it!

None of my photos were very good at all, but I searched Google and found this one in the Mail Online. It was taken at Durdle Dor in Dorset:

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