Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wonderful Wales

I thought I'd make a short post because Nelly and I are away in Wales having a truly wonderful time.  Although mum and I come here quite often, as we bring our two doggies Archie and Kiko to be groomed in Caerphilly by an international dog championship judge, Nelly has not been to Wales since she was quite small.  I know it sounds like a long way to travel for a doggie haircut, but Kiko is a rare breed and we can never find anyone local who really knows how to groom him correctly.  Our groomer Martin does a great job and the boys love him, and of course it's a nice excuse to visit beautiful Wales often!   

Anyway, Nelly and I are camping in a village called Caerleon, and it really is beautiful.  Yesterday we had a lovely walk around the countryside and visited the stunning Roman ampitheatre.  Apparently Caerleon hosted the Ryder Cup a few years ago and our campsite looks out over the gorgeous golf course.  

Today we went into Cardiff and spent the day enjoying the beautiful Cardiff Bay.  As I said, this is the first time in quite a few years that Nelly has visited Wales and it has changed dramatically since her last visit.  We paid our respects at Ianto's Shrine (a must for Dr Who and Torchwood fans like Nelly) and had lunch at Eddie's diner, sitting in the booth next to the one where Dr Who (Matt Smith) sat during filming!  We also had a tour of the Welsh Assembly which was fascinating - they are so high-tech compared to England! It was a lovely visit, and we were sorry we didn't have longer, but we had to take the boys to Caerphilly for their haircut!

Our campsite is really lovely, small, quiet site, very well cared for with just the right facilities to be everything we need but not too much, and the owners of the site are really lovely.  

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