Saturday, 20 August 2016

Proudest of proud mummies

As I'm sure you're aware, Thursday was A-Level results day, and like many families, we were waiting eagerly for Nelly's results.  I'm pleased to say she did brilliantly and has accepted her unconditional offer to Gloucester uni to study English literature and creative writing!

So Thursday was an emotional day!  I am of course full of pride for my clever and lovely girlie who has done so amazingly well in her exams, but the thought that she will be leaving me to go to university in less than a month is very traumatising!

Nelly's achievement is so much greater than her exam results.  She has autism and works incredibly hard to overcome the challenges that presents.  In particular, she obsesses about studying and places so much pressure on herself that ultimately the pressure is the thing that has in the past prevented her from being academically successful.  There was a time a few years ago when entering an exam hall could make Nelly feel suicidal, and I honestly thought we may never see a day like today.  But thanks to her hard work to overcome her difficulties, she has made it through her exams and is now able to move into this new and exciting phase of life.

To celebrate her success we had a lovely meal at Nando's and spent a night in a swishy hotel in Southampton followed by some retail therapy at West Quay shopping mall on Friday! Today I am feeling utterly exhausted and plan to spend the day in my pyjamas and dozing on the sofa!

Congratulations Nelly, you clever bean! I love you to the moon and back, you make me so happy and proud because you are the loveliest person I know xxx

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